Company Introduction

The Beijing Peapad Education and Technology Company Ltd is an electronics start-up, focusing mainly on early childhood education. It is a program developed by the X-lab of Tsinghua, the Tsinghua SEM X-elerator and the Culture and Science Park of Renmin University. In 2014, Britain's top-tier newspaper, the Financial Times, reported about Peapad and the article was later reprinted and reported by many of China's mainstream media including Tencent, Sohu, Reference News and others. The company’s orientation is to establish an early education platform for the next generation that will integrate intelligent devices, software, hardware and services.

The company bases its teaching methods on games and aims at providing a foreign language environment within every child's reach via the mobile internet. It adopts the gaming teaching mode to solve children's problems by improving foreign language listening and speaking ability, and provides an all-round early education service with early foreign language education as the main part to children and their parents. The company aims to bring positive changes and make their lives better. Currently, the company has obtained an angel investor from a well-known and professional venture capital fund management institution in China, the CSM Group.


We provide intelligent devices specifically made for pre-school children. We help the parents get rid of the painful points regarding language learning. It is hard, expensive, and inconvenient to hire a foreign teacher in China and the children might not be interested in the class even if they had one. We help the parents give their children a near-native foreign language environment. It is a magical and animated pea hailing from the US. The foreign teacher acts as a pea remotely and plays real-time and interactive situational games with the children providing the unique one-to-one learning experience. We'll integrate software, hardware and services to bring out a top-level user experience.


Office Location

Tsinghua SEM X-elerator, 3F, Haohai Bldg., Zhongguancun Venture Street

Introducing the Founder

Ma Tao, founder of Peapad Education and Technology, graduate of the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program, graduate of the MBA Exchange Program of University of North Carolina. Previously the General Manager of the Marketing center and the General Manager of the Product planning center in Ozing, which was then the mainstream brand of the educational electronics industry. He is rich in industrial innovative experiences, recognized as the founder of one of the earliest e-commerce companies which sold organic food and through his previous contacts he ensured the support from the well-known angel investor.